[H]Lost Morning AM guild Recruiting

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Progression bump
Progression bump number 2 for the week
progression bump officially 6/8
Bump for the best guild on the server!!!
I'm looking for some daytime raiding, carefully read my post that I link below, if you think I'd be a good addition to your roster, we can chat more.


I can be reached @ patrick.flibotte@gmail.com
please tell me your trolling with spirit in legendaries and 3 unenchanted items.
/progression bump
/progression bump 8/8 Heroic Madness downed today BOOYAH
up for mop recruitment
/up for mop recruitment
Tempting. Working overnight I used to look for guilds like this. Comes down to raiding vs the cool group I'm with now. Serious raiding was never all that much fun anyway, good luck!
Bump for best morning guild on Garona :) good group of people.
/up for more morning raiders
/up for more morning raiders
/progression bump
/Major progression bump
/update bump
Bumb cause they are awesome and i miss raiding with them :)

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