[A]Fortify (8/8 HM DS) Recruiting for MoP!

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Bump, still looking to fill in spots for our late group.
Bump. Still would like to find a range dps and possible healer now.
Bumping for a tank for our late group.
WTB late grp tank spot.
Our late group is open recruitment for 25man raiding in 4.3.
Looking to recruit for two 25mans right now. An early group and late group.
WTB your tank spot.
Our tank spots look to be filled at this time. Still looking for all DPS classes and healers.
Bump for our late group!
Bump for a druid or shaman healer!
Bump for these guys
Our second late group is currently looking for a few people to fill our ranks as well.

Currently 7/8 DS, raid leaders with experience 8/8 DS and 1/8 HM

Our raid times are:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - 10pm - 1am ST

We are looking for:

1 Tank (Warrior, or paladin preferred)
2 Healers (Shaman or priest preferred)
1 Ranged DPS (Ele Shaman or Warlock preferred)

Above and beyond what were are looking for, we will also take into consideration all exceptional apps that fit the roles of what we need.
Hey I posted on your forums but cant find the thread. So reply to me in game please. 7/8 and to phase 4 of madness on normal 10 man. 387 Rshaman

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