Just got hit for 17k.. umm?

So a mage just nailed me in a BG for 17k... How in the world is this possible? If i had "0" resilience.. would he hit me for like 28k or something like that!??!

(Btw, ignore my gems/enchants.. I know.. i havent gotten them all yet)
i hate mages...

Almost 36k on 1342 resil. This patch has been pretty stupid =p
The SS I posted was in SotA. No berserking. The guy was riding a demo and one shotting anyone that got within 40 yards of it lol
If you are riding a demo you ignore resilience, at least thats how its been for most of wrath.
Rihard, demos on SotA are still broken. Passengers ignore resill.
Ahh, that's pretty stupid. I never really played that BG on my casters since I hate it and don't care about achievements on em.

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