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I'm currently leveling a Draenei Shaman and it's sent me on a quest [ Relic of the Earthern Ring ]. I have two totems and it requires that I have all four totems to complete the quest. I can't find the quests to acquire the Air and Water Totem (I've visited the quest givers in Exodar.) What am I doing wrong?
Believe the quest was removed as was the requirement of carrying totems in your bag with patch 4.0.

Put your two totems in the bank and drop an earth totem to confirm. You probably got the quest before patch 4.0 was implemented and now it can't be completed.

You could also try asking in the Customer Service forum or report it in the bugs forum but I think my answer is correct.
Thanks I'll give it a try and report back.

Yup, it worked. thanks.

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