Emerald Dream Role-Playing Guide (Maralah)

Emerald Dream
how is the rp on this server? most rp-pvp realms i have encountered have few rpers and fewer decent- good rpers.
Personally, I'd say that it's better than average, but I'm biased (an EDer through and through).

We've several large RP-focused guilds between Alliance and Horde; you can occasionally find folks RPing in the world randomly, with either other players, or on occasion, arguing with NPC's.

There are RP events several times a year (Gnometech Prom, for example), as well as standard weekly Tavern nights etc.

But like most places, if you really want to find RP, don't wait around for it to bite you on the ass. Start it yourself. You'll -usually- bump into someone willing to play along. =)
This post inspired me. So much to do! So little time!
*thumbs up* The more ED RPers, the better! =)
Very interesting it definetly opens my eyes to the fun of roleplaying I may considering rolling one on a RP server
WOAH...so this thread isn't a myth? damn.....just damn......
I wanted to start playing on this server to try something new but it seems like too much to have to do.
Conclave of the Horde is looking for new RP members! We're a RP guild with regular weekly meetings and individual meetings in between! All races welcome! If you;re into RP and enjoying out of character chat as well, come talk to us!
this has inspired me to try some RPing. thank you so much.
Been working on a college assignment about starting a WoW character, and this definitely helped me a lot with describing a Role-Playing server. really useful information on here that i can use, with credit to the entire forum posting, of course.^_^
Good Day to all who read this!

I'm posting here, as I'm new to Emerald Dream and I'm having some trouble getting onto 'The Emerald Dream Gazette.'

Every time I go to it, I simply get a blog with a yellow background with an advertisement. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I would like to get into RPing here as soon as I can.

Thanks in advance!
Thanks, I decided to make a character on Emerald Dream and this guide was really helpful. Any other tips about where a person new to Emerald Dream should go to look for a guild that RP's? I've got one both Horde, and Alliance side.
This is awesome.
Very well put together. I was interested in reading the RP Traps and was sorry to not find them.
Very nice thanks for posting!
Hi, I'm new to the server as of last night. I was disheartned to see my name was flagged as inappropriate? I opened a ticket for an explanation, which is why it's still showing as Coralou...which stands for "Cora Lou". Could someone please explain to me why this is inappropriate? Thanks.

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