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•What have you played before? Warlock and Hunter

•How far did you level it? Lock to 33 Hunter to 28

•What did you like/dislike about it? Liked the pets and quick kills. hated the crappy damage i was doing

•Will you be leveling through instances or mostly questing? mostly questing, but i do instances to get items to vendor

•With a friend or alone? What's your friend going to be leveling? alone.

•Are you leveling via PvE (questing, killing mobs) or through the new PvP way (battlegrounds)? pve. but i want to do the achievements for battlegrounds

•Will you be doing primarily raids/dungeons at level cap (PvE) or knocking the opposing faction in the balls over a flag (PvP)? dungeons

•Will you be multiboxing or just playing a single character? single

•Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!). blood elf. and humans but only because i like how the starting area is set up.

•Heals/tank/DPS? What's your style for DPS - melee or ranged? i want to melee

•Hybrid or pure? Does it matter? pure

•Pet or temporary pet or none at all? Does it matter? doesnt matter.

im leaning towards rogue. or a mage. not sure though. also is there a good guide for leveling rogues cause they seem so complicated to me.

The only pure melee class is a rogue, so that's probably what would suit you the best. Bear in mind that as long as the mobs are dying, your damage isn't crappy. Give it a chance.
Can I ask why you stopped leveling the lock and hunter? is it just about DPS?
as another poster mentioned if things are dying your DPS is okay... if you are dying then there is another problem.

As far As DPS I love my Balanced Druid but you have limited your races to Belf and Human
You do not if it is all about the starting areas .. you can roll a NE and take him/her to Northshire and level there. You will get SW rep instead of Darn rep... but that will help you not only get a tiger mount but be able to ride a horse... I did that with my Priest, leveled her solely in the human areas.

Mages are also fun, but can be a bit hard at certain levels cause they are squishy, while they are always squishy, as you level you get talents that allow for escape... ice Block, Invis, Blink etc all can be used to get you out of danger fast and effectively ... with the right rotations a mage is very powerfull. Plus unless Blizz nerfs the class Mages are one of the most OP classes in Bgs currently... I just love to Polymorh ... fun class, great DPS, very good at Bgs... can be tad tricky to level

But I also have three rogues NE at 80 another one at 73 and a Belf at 20... really like the belf in how she positions herself in stealth... NE's do offer one advantage, they are harder to see and detect when stealthed.. plus Shadowmeld can come in handy as well

What ever class you chose make sure you really like it ... cause you are the one who will be playing it
I started out with a hunter, he hit 55 and Wrath of the lich king came out so i lvled my death knight to 80 both classes take up half of my sever. Raiding was a nightmare. I suggest either lvl your warlock or make a tank or healing character.
I reccomend...

Death Knight: Melee with a pet, and a magic twist. 2 DPS specs.


Feral Druid: Like a rogue, but with some utility. Deadly in PvP, and remarkably versatile.
If you want melee + belf/human: rogue, warrior, or paladin. As mentioned, the only "pure" class of those is rogue.

And to echo what others have said, don't worry a lot about how much damage you're doing -- was that based on a personal observation, or from what others have said? If the latter, only worry about it if they can offer help in being more effective, but there's no way to know why your damage may have been crappy without seeing you in action, or at least knowing why you think that. It could just be a matter of changing your rotation.

Just looking at your current gear, one thing to watch for is taking pieces that can only be used for the stamina boost. While it's useful for you, the other stat should also be useful, and ideally add to your damage -- Int will add to your damage, Agility will just sit there being useless.

The same will apply if you decide to play a rogue -- don't wear something just because it has Stamina on it, wear it because it affects your damage output. Stamina will always be a secondary stat, for a rogue you'll want as much Agility first as you can find.
I offer this observation: If you have only leveled a toon into the thirties, you have no clue what the classes can do. AND THAT IS OK. But you might want to give it more time OR try out a bunch of classes to see if something clicks.

You like DPS. I suggest:
1.) Rogue (even though it is MY least liked class);
2.) Druid (Feral --> kitty form)
3.) Paladin (Retribution)
4.) Warrior (Arms or Fury)

Of all these, I would MOSTLY suggest Druid or Paladin. Why? Because both are very versatile and have at least one spec which is relatively easy to play: Pally can heal, tank or Melee DPS (MDPS). Druid can heal, tank, MDPS, or Ranged DPS (RDPS).

Something you probably don't know now, that may have a bearing on your end-game enjoyment: Melee DPS (like Rogue and some specs of Druid, Warrior and Pally) are NOT in short supply. RDPS will have easier time of getting into raids than MDPS.

A Rogue has ALL THREE specs as MDPS. It would be a bummer to get to max level and find that MDPS is not for you and that you need to re-level to 85 to do what you discovered (too late) that you really wanted to do. If you pick Druid or Pally, it is a quick 100g and you enter a whole new world of skills/roles.

Oh, a Druid Kitty plays a LOT like a Rogue.

And a parting shot: Your DPS means just about NOTHING before max level. If you are killing stuff before it kills you ---> happiness. If you are worried about DPS because you think you are not leveling fast enough: Fastest leveling is commonly accepted to be one of the following: Ret Pally, BM Hunter, Affliction Warlock, Kitty Druid, and Frost Mage (4.0.x may have changed the fastest mage spec). Arguments abound as to which is fastest, but none has a clear advantage and any will do.

I hope that helps.

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