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I did ZG today then was asked if I wanted to do it again, when I tried it said I was already locked to ZG. What does that mean? And yes I have played all the way to 80 and only did 2 raids, I solo alot. :)
Most raids you can only do once a week. Zul'gurub is different in that it will unlock after 3 days, though.
Thank you very much.
That said, Zul Gurub is going away with the Shattering, which is rumored to be happening tomorrow or Tuesday. So if you want to know when you can do it again, the answer is probably never.

More generally, raids usually reset at 8:00 on Tuesday morning. There are one or two other raids that reset on a twice-weekly schedule, but I don't remember what they are. Once you're saved to a raid instance (happens when you kill a boss in the raid), there will be an entry on your calendar telling you when the raid lock resets.
Thanks again guys for the info.
Can I do it more then once if I switch from heroic to normal or the other way around
Please don't bump old threads, as they can contain out of date information. A lot of stuff has changed with lockouts since this thread was originally created.

Different expansions have different lockout rules. Older raids have one weekly shared lockout for all difficulties/sizes.

For newer raids (Siege of Ogrimmar and later) the non-mythic difficulties can be ran however many times you want, but you can only get loot once per boss per difficulty. Mythic raids work like the old raids, where you are saved to a specific raid ID, where each boss can only be killed once, even if you weren't there for some of the bosses.

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