Ret Question

I have just started wow about a week ago.Been playing RYL for the last 6 years.When
going ret you use 2-handed.Tanking in this game is not like tanking in RYL which
i was for 6 years.Now i not trying to be a warrior have a lvl 41 allready.What do you
thank about RET.That tree fits my play style.I never played a game were you had to
click on a mob before you attack.So im to have learn all over again.For tank what is the best way to get argo on all monsters.When you have to click on each time.That is why i went ret.

thank you
Primo: Ret doesn't tank. Well, it does, if you have a healer who likes a challenge and you're not a derp derp.

Secondo: Prot tanks. Sword and Board. Yayyyyyyyy.
Unless you want to be a Death Knight, thats 2-handed tanking.
I know ret dont tank.What i was saying is the reason i went ret was becouse i dont know
how to get argo in wow.And i like being different paladin with 2-handed.

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