Looking for Cata 10man guild

Most (all that I've found) of the guilds posting recruitment threads on here don't fit what I'm looking for. Hopefully someone will notice this thread and contact me ingame/in this thread.

I'm looking for a small 10man guild that's looking to raid late weekend nights in Cata. Ideally Fri/Sat, maybe even Sunday. I can generally do anything 8pm->. Don't expect me to have 100% attendance, I like to have a social life. Of course, because I play WoW and am a geek, that isn't very common.

I have 2 toons, this mage, and a priest. Neither toon has KS, but I have killed him like, three times on 10man normal. I generally only use my priest for pvp when I'm bored (disc), and I used to do some achievements on him (I have literally 11 titles).

Anywho, I'm looking for a group of people I can get to know, who can have fun regardless of what they do, but be able to stay focused and accomplish realistic goals when it comes to raiding.

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