Pet for BM leveling in cata

I'm currently using a wolf which seems pretty solid still. Any reason to consider other pets (perhaps exotic) for this task?

PS: I am well aware of how focus has messed with hunter balance, etc. I'm not looking for emotional posting about how I shouldn't play a hunter.
I personally plan to use a worm (which is exotic) for BM leveling. Worms are tenacity pets, so they already have the additional taunt and AoE threat talents in their tree. However, worms are currently the only pet that has an AoE damage ability as well (as far as I know), which can help it hold threat on groups. I haven't looked too closely at the abilities of the new families of pets that will be available in Cata yet, so there may be other pets that also have AoE damage available.

That said, you should level up with whatever you enjoy/feel comfortable with. I know there are plenty of people who prefer to not level up as BM at all and manage just fine. Survival is my main spec, and I'll probably try leveling as survival with my bear or something just to see how it goes. If it turns out that my bear can't hold threat at all (even with MD), then I'll switch to BM and use my worm.
All tenacity pets get a thunder stomp like ability in it so worm might have an extra aoe but not the only one.
All tenacity pets get a thunder stomp like ability in it so worm might have an extra aoe but not the only one.

Right, sorry if I was unclear on that. Thunderstomp was the "AoE threat talent" I was referring to as being in the tenacity talent tree, and as such all tenacity pets can access it. However, worms are the only pet that get an additional AoE damage ability that is unique to worms. It does not specifically say that it generates threat (like Thunderstomp does), but the extra AoE damage can be helpful for holding threat if you're throwing Mend Pet out a lot.
Worm is hands down the best tank pet. It's burrow attack can hold agro through and explosive trap + mend pet + engineering bomb + multi shot spam. No other pet can do that unless u use MD.
I will still use main PvP pet as I expect to be smashing thousands of Horde as I level.

That's actually a good point... to quest effectively in cata will probably require a decent amount of resil, lol.

Meh. I'll just do the mid-level lowby quests where there will be relatively few people competing for quest mobs, just to see the lore... the 80-85 zones, and the starting zones, will be ridiculously packed.
I thought worms dropped threat now when they burrowed?

Personally planning to keep my Ghost Saber and add a Shale Spider into the mix as soon as I can find one to tame.

With how AoE damage has been changed, I don't really see the benefit to large pulls anymore, especially as we move towards the later level mobs.
BM + Worm + Glyph of Misdirection
I'll be using Arcturis. He's my favorite pet by far :-)
I'll be using Arcturis. He's my favorite pet by far :-)

He is a cat but with a heal.
Worm is hands down the best tank pet.
You misspelled "Turtle" there, tex.

And who cares about AoE threat and needing to use Misdirection? If you're leveling and you're not using Glyph of Misdirection, you are unequivocally doing. it. wrong.
Yes, because clearly making the pack of stuff you picked up die faster is the wrong way to go about it.
Any pet not called "Turtle" is going to have issues with "packs" of mobs anyways with how hard they hit in Deepholm and onwards. Coupled with how absolutely garbage Multi-Shot is on any number of targets that doesn't have two or more digits, trying to AoE grind is pointless and redundant.
BM + Worm + Glyph of Misdirection

This is what I use for soloing instances and will be fine for leveling. The turtle is another fine option where maybe you want to try and do that group quest on your own where you tackle an elite. Shell Shield + Cower + Misdirect Glyph and a slow steady DPS will get you through those.

*Edited for grammar.
The best pet for tanking that will out live any other pet is the Turtle. Get ScaleBeard and your leveling will be so much easier. That thing takes alot of damage for you.
I thought worms dropped threat now when they burrowed?

This is correct... Burrow is no longer a good AoE ability for tanking. If you pick up a pack of 82s, MD to the worm, and then have the worm Burrow... those mobs are coming straight for you.

I'll try to mix it up a bit; I plan on setting up an MM spec for leveling, but I've been diehard BM since I started. Whenever I'm in BM, I'll probably have an exotic out; Arcturis or Gondria for fun, maybe the devilsaur, not sure. I'll bounce around a lot. Planning on taming some monkeys, dogs, and foxes tomorrow, try 'em all out before the 7th.
Rhyno for lvling, he just looks BEASTLY, RHYNO SMASH!
I've never found it to make one whit of difference what you decide to go with as a BM. You could probably tame a damn bunny and all opposing PvE varmints would get just as dead.

Basically, just go with what you like. I leveled with a wolf and it was fine.

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