Prot PvE reflexion.

Allright, i'm not here for QQing, ranting or 2centing or anything like that. I've already said that the new Warrior tanking is fairly fine with me so far, it's just a matter to get acustomed to a new routine.
However, I'd like the community to shed some light on on my poor head cause i'm still scratching my beard on that one:

So basically, they took off the threat transfer on Vigilance, take off the threat generation out of heroic strike and greatly reduce the "moderate amount of threat" (refering to the old tooltip here) of Thunderclap (or maybe it doesnt generate any threat anymore, but i think it does).

In exchange, ability wise, we received Blood and thunder and Vengeance.

2 questions today :

1- Is there anything else we receive with new patches and upcoming expansion that are threat related?

2- Thunderclap alone is now generating a so small amount of threat that it's basically useless to grab aggro when use alone ?

3- Should i consider thunderstruck in the equation, and thus, requiring the use of shockwave only when i reach 3 stacks ??

Yeah, i guess after a good month and a half trying the new stuff, we are still trying and missing.

You have something like 200% Modifier in defensive stance.

1. No, learn how to tank with the tools you have.

2. Use cleave liberally in conjunction with Blood and Thunder and Thunder Clap.

3. You can use Shockwave whenever you want. What you should do is Shockwave at the start, then thunder clap 3 times before Shockwave refreshes(because with the CD on SW, you can do this). I don't get what you're trying to say here.

Your probably most likely stems from the fact that you have a 1.7 Speed Weapon.

And you don't have Incite. Incite is boss.

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