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Not sure if this is the correct location to post it however,

I have been back on this toon recently, only spamming heals in 5 mans to level and I have been having a ball! Leveling time for 60-70 was on par or close to the time it took to do it through questing on my last two toons (rogue and pally) but upon hitting the WOTLK dungeons it has slowed down signifiantly.

Questing gave me about a level every 1-3 hours for my pally / rogue in 70-80 but I am only 1/2 way through 70 on my shammy and have done about 10 dungeons over 3h for this level. I did 32 dungeons to level 60-69 (Average of 3.5 per level), I have now done 9 in WOTLK for only 1.5 levels.

I realise that a 20% exp "buff" is coming for WOTLK areas however leveling through LFD will be much slower than questing. I think WOTLK dungeons are far below par for exp/per hour, compared to BC.
I think that the reason you might be leveling so much slower is the combination of the part you mentioned about there not being an exp buff as you stated (don't know if ones is coming, not sure). And the fact that the ammount of expierience you need to level is much higher
The XP gain will be lower for Wrath content at the moment as Cata isn't out yet. I'm sure that it will increase as soon as Cata goes live. Only a couple of weeks to go now :)!
Oopps... Looks like I let my super secret squirrel insider knowledge out early.

Anywho, I tought we were being encouraged to level through BG's / LFD / Quests, depending on what we prefered. How does that mesh with the low experience rewards of WOTLK dungeons?

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