<SC>, <IaTT> and I are giving away 10000g

We will be holding a FFA PvP style event in STV towards the end of the month for anyone and everyone at all levels. This is to celebrate the new expansion, run around and kill people, enjoy world PvP (or lack there of) and just for general lulz.

SC's bank will be putting up 2500g and I will be matching that with another 2500g. Greenwald and I Am the Tuskarr are also adding 5000g.

There are no rules. The fight date is TONIGHT November 22nd at 7:30 CST/Server and end most likely end during the 9pm Chest event. You can come whenever you want, but the prizes will be split into groups every 15 minutes.

1st place will be awarded to the team or individual that gets the chest and the other gold will be split at random.

Simply sign up here with your names, team names (and members of said team) and tell us when you're available. We are interested in getting the most people involved and will be able to reward the horde as well via Neutral AH.
Beserkbear will get that chest.
I am the Tuskarr will add 5k to the pot.
You have to be good at WoW to go, you're disqualified ma'am, GOOD DAY
This will be taking place TONIGHT at 7:30 p.m. CST/Server. The prize post is 10,000g and we will be giving away gold every 15 minutes.
I'm not doing anything tonight, and I am interested in winning some gold. If any teams are short of healers, just whisper me in game.
Any shot of this not happening tonight? We have to raid ;(
Just to be clear. We're not giving away 10,000g every 15 minutes. We're giving away 1000g every 15 minutes and the gold will be split between one person (if solo) or however many people in your group.

There will be 5 random prizes:
1. 1000g (7:45) Happy Everyday and Milford/Chunky/Devilshear
2. 1000g (8:00) Happy Everyday and Murdr/Phz/Intensified/Zenikova
3. 1000g (8:15) Happy Everyday
4. 1000g (8:30) I Am The Tuskarr
5. 1000g (8:45) I Am The Tuskarr
6. 4000g (9:00) - Chest: Goowakjai
welp. its impossible for horde to compete.
Congratz to Goo for winning the chest :D
it was fun!
Anyone notice how non Tuskarr were getting knocked into the pit? >:D
Anyone notice how non Tuskarr were getting knocked into the pit? >:D

Props to the druid who was doing that :D
Uploading a video of the madness... It will be on our website later today!
That was pretty fun, next time take less alli!
Yeah, 10v60 isn't fun. Wasn't even worth sitting around waiting on. Next time, don't announce it to horde - obviously, no one cares.
You should have stayed for the chest. We disbanded our raid when it droped and it was a free-for-all for everyone who was there

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