Paladin Tier sets. Please Blizz?

The paladin armor sets haven't resembled anything of a Holy Knight/Paladin in some time. Please give us a set that goes back to T2 or even T5(blue bu y still sorta related to what a Pally would wear)

Please blizz?


You could change the colors around on the T2 and put some pretty halo around it call it T12 and that would be better then the last 4 tiers.

Please. oh Please.
t6 is the best set ever. glowy shoulders and a halo? hell yes
T4 and T6 looked more Paladin-ish than T5 imo.
T2 and T6 were the best looking paladin armor sets so far... here's to hoping they go back to looking like we're the Holy Knights, not power rangers... >_>

Though, I love the T10 look, even though it's not that paladin-y
T5 matched my eye patch and tabard.

nothing wrong with Tier set, Tier 2 was a good set for its time. T4 and T6 are nice too, but many of those sets are past their primes. I'm happy blizzard is going the route of having tier sets modeled after the content they come from. We are righteous defenders yes, but we also need to look at the perspective of raid content and the choice of modeled look of sets.
I hope blizzard gets a little more liberal with their color pallet/designs. none of the LK armor grabbed my attention the way it used to. Maybe I'm just desensitized though.
I think people are confusing t5 for t6...or atleast i hope they are.
im just sick and tired of wearing a freaking skirt as ret.... wouldnt mind it for holy tho
I want to wear armor that a paladin would wear.

T1: A little lulzy, but still appropriate
T2: Amazing, not your standard paladin set, but believable.
T3: Still okay, but getting a little sci fi space paladin.
T4: Really really good. Nice set for the Draenei without making the other races feel odd.
T5: Go Go Paladin Rangers!
T6: Godly. This is THE PALADIN SET. It was just plain awesome in every respect.
T7: See T3
T8: Looks like a priest set.
T9: Cookie cutter, but decent.
T10: When did we become warlocks?
T11: And now we're rock people...

Please make at least one of the sets this expansion be true to Paladin aesthetics. WotLK had one true "paladin set" and it had the same model as every single other plate class.

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