Casting Call ((OOC))

Moon Guard
I'm looking for puppeteers for a Machinima.

I'm looking for Horde players of level 20+

Must be available Monday Nov. 22 2010.

Must be able to follow directions, and not get too kill happy.


I'm looking for 20 Horde Players to be availible tomorrow for a last minute filming project. You will hold a credit title, and you will help me complete my first Machinima music video. You, the puppeteers, will need to contact Trastrem via mail if interested.

I have no horde raid limit other than 40 people. Oblivortaion of Hillsbrad Farms will be filmed, and during the process questing in that sub-zone might be stalled.

Post with interest or contact in-game on either Preliatus or Trastrem.
Bring Up My Post.
What time will this be? I have a little 42ish belf alt I could hop on.
I'll be coordinating about 7:00PM Server Time.
Unforeseen Consquences.

Pushed back to 9:00PM Server.

Personal Matters.

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