Level 10 and on Leveling Spec?

Hi, I'm just wondering what the suggestions are for a leveling spec from level 10 and on.

On a trial account the past few days, I leveled a warrior to 20. I first picked up arms at level 10, which seemed like a godsend receiving a two hand weapon damage buff and mortal strike. Move on to level 14, I get heroic strike, and I'm doing even better. Then I got some nice blue 2handers, Smite's hammer then a weapon from SFK, and I was just annihilating, just punching through with MS, HS, and VR.

Then I rescpecced to fury with dual cruel barbs. It was buggy when I was experimenting, but I still wasn't satisfied with bloodthirst damage... but maybe it was because of the bug (my character would stop attacking and it wouldn't continue at all until I logged). I think there was some rage problems too.

Then I respeced to prot and retried again. The fury/prot respecs were fairly short, I just went into RFC to try it out. I didn't try other specs, but as prot, I soloed RFC via shield slam, heroic strike (much crits with incite), and healing mainly through victory rush and some bandages.

So what do you guys suggest? When I am leveling, I want to tank and I love the dungeon finder system, but I also want to quest through zones, some I'm not sure, but I guess it will be easier when I hit level 30 when I can swap between prot and fury or arms... That brings the question, fury or arms then?
For low levels you are probably better off as arms while questing. Fury has rage problems without a large amount of +hit. Prot does fine as well, but it's a bit slower.

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