Can one enchant cross-realm?

I can't search for this efficiently. I only find flame-wars about the de button.

I know I can't trade mats or gold back and forth, but can I offer an enchant to a toon in a dungeon group from another realm?
I haven't tried it personally, but I am going to say no. That is based on them being unable to trade the mats to you or to pay you for your mats. If you wanted to give it a try though using your mats, please let us know what you discover.
its not possible. And yes i have personally tried this before
Thank-you Meyrinhawke for the clarification.
When did you try it Meyrinhawke, because I've also gotten an Enchant on my wrist.
I see this is an old thread but thought I would just update it as it was the first link on google. I just ran my friend cross-realm thru Uldaman. He is a 33 Shammy on Lightbringer I was a 74 Priest on Dawnbringer. Got him 2x Galgan's Firehammer, left to get mats for Fiery weapon, came back and enchanted them. Seems if you were in a group with the person when the weapon/armor dropped it may be enchanted, at least thats what I got out of it.
2 and almost a half year necro. Please don't necro old threads.

That being said, yes you can enchant cross realm as long as you group by real id. You cannot enchant cross realm using the dungeon finder or lfr.
you can swap items cross realm.

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