Pilgrim's Bounty 1-300 Cooking Guide.

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Don't like to farm? Leveling cooking seem like a chore? Wish you were the one dropping the Fish Feasts?
During the Pilgrim's Bounty, leveling Cooking from 1-330 couldn't be easier.

It should be noted that the point of this guide is to level your Cooking skill. it is not a guide to Pilgrim's Bounty, or the quests that go with it.

Pilgrim's Bounty Guide to Cooking

First thing first. each side has slightly different named materials, but for this guide I will refer to them as their basic name.

Pumpkins - found outside of Stormwind/Undercity.
Cranberries - found outside of Ironforge/Orgrimmar
Sweet Potatoes - Found inside Darnassus/ Outside of Thunder Bluff.

Before you Start!
Clear some bag space! you will need to have 46 free bag slots if you want to buy all the mats before cooking anything.
Get some money! Buying all the mats that you need from the vendors, and book for the recipes will set you back a whopping 44s70c!

Materials List

From any City
  • Bountiful Cookbook - contains all the recipes you will need

  • 70 Simple Flour

  • 70 Mild Spices

  • 190 Autumnal Herbs

  • 310 Honey

From Stormwind/Undercity
  • 70 Pumpkins

From Ironforge/Orgrimmar
  • 70 Cranberries

From Darnassus/Thunder Bluff
  • 70 Sweet Potatoes

From Elwynn Forest/Tirisfal
  • 50 Wild Turkeys - the only thing you have to farm.

Now For the Cooking!
VERY IMPORTANT!You will be gaining cooking skill at very fast pace. DO NOT FORGET TO TRAIN! Missing points due to wasted skill ups will affect the materials required.

Level 1 cooks can get the Spice Bread recipe at the cooking trainer located right next to the cooking fire at each city' Pilgrim's Bounty tables. do this.

Cook 70 Spice Bread. - you should finish at 40 Cooking Skill
Cook 10 Spice Bread Stuffing
Cook 60 more Spice Bread Stuffing - you should finish at or slightly above 100 Cooking Skill
Cook 30 Pumpkin Pie
Cook 40 more Pumpkin Pie - you should finish at or slightly above 160 Cooking Skill
Cook 50 Cranberry Chutney
Cook 20 more Cranberry Chutney - you should finish at or slightly above 220 Cooking Skill
Cook 70 Candied Sweet Potatoes - you should be at or slightly above 280 Cooking Skill
Cook 50 Slow-Roasted Turkey - you should be at or above 330 Cooking Skill.

Voila! Hope it helps!
New players should also make it a point to pick up the Flight Points in each major city they're sent to.

Also... Don't pre-cook more than 20 of anything. Pats of the quest chain require you to cook 5 of an item and then turn it in. The cooking itself is part of those quests. Precooked stuff in your bag won't count.

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