RP fashion advice/question.

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for 2 full lenth cloaks to go with two sets of gear. This is for fashion/RP only, not worried about Ilvl or stats at all.

1. The First cloak I want to go with Druid's Thunder Heart Ramient. (must be full length, and preferably have a dark brownish color)

2.) 2nd Cloak I want to go with druid's Valorous Nightsong battlegear (must be full length, and preferably have a brownish yellowish color...like the set.)

Does any body have suggestions by chance? I was hoping to be spared a full sweeping search of wowhead...lol.

Those sacks you get from randoms have cloaks that look like what you're looking for in #1.
For #2, there are some a tailor can make, can't recall the name....
kk thanks. I'll check it...

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