Blessed Life

With 4.0.3a supposedly coming out tomorrow, I was wondering if any holy paladins are putting a point in blessed life at all for pvp. Two points doesnt seem worth it in any way, shape, or form, but I can't decide whether 1 point is worth it. Thoughts?

I know there are probably threads on this all over the place, but I didn't see one on the first page so I just decided to make my own.

Thank you for any constructive thoughts or opinions!
it was OP at 2 seconds, but 8 seems to put it under budget by a bit.

I don't know, maybe they could add a second effect to the talent so it doesn't seem so weak for a 2 pointer that deep in holy.
i am considering putting 1 point in it but 2 is just not worth it. I was trying to test it out on the PTR but i just cant get any bg queues to pop. And i think at 85 it might be a different story altogether
I'm not sure whether I'll keep any points in it. Seems rather worthless now. Oh and apparently they nerfed PoJ to have an 8 sec cd too. So much for that route for holy in cata....
I seems a little too low now, but it is still valuable. It will still proc quite frequently.
It's still great, my only problem with this talent is there's no reason to 2/2 it.
8 seconds is worthless. GJ Bliz taking something that had so much potential and nerfing it to the point of uselessness.

It absolutely needed tweaking it was way OP. But from 2 seconds to 8 is short-bus quality control.
Agreed. As people have said, there is absolutely no reason to put more then one point in it right now. With the amount of focus that healers get in BG's, a 50% chance will proc it almost immediately after the ICD finishes. Why put two points in it when one will do almost exactly the same thing?

I understand that it was OP, if you couldn't kill a holy pally in one stun, boom, they're at full health again. I myself have a lot of fun with this. However, this is gonna hurt, pretty badly. Holy pally's are so vulnerable to silences/stuns/CC, that this is about the only thing we have going for us. Sure, with wings/divine favor, i have some hefty throughput with holy light/holy shock/Flash of Light, but there is so much ridiculous amounts of CC out there that casting anything longer then flash of light or an IoL procced Holy Light is completely pointless.

Doing BG's over the past few days, i have used divine light maybe once or twice total. The cast time on that is so prohibitive that i'll be dead before the heal goes off (Or some mage/warlock/rogue will have silenced/counterspelled/stunned/feared/interrupted).

The holy paladin playstyle is completely reactive. Nerfing Blessed Life to the ground only makes us more susceptible to CC, because the only proactive healing we have is our mastery, which is pathetically weak at the moment.

Couldn't we make some sort of compromise, blizzard? four seconds? Four seconds is an eternity on the battlefield, and In my opinion that would be plenty of time between procs.

Also: Why the paired CD with pursuit of justice? Thats just a slap in the face that it already stinging from the previous nerf bat.
While I agree that 2 seconds was a bit much, with the removal of the PoTI self healing on self heals coupled with an 8 second CD on BL, is a bit much. One or the other. Remove the PoTI and WOG+BL is no longer as OP as it was. It's no longer a 10k heal every 2s.

Pallies have only 1 insta cast heal, which is on a timer which in pvp also happens to be our main source of HP with the BL nerf. I can't speak for shammies, but I have a druid and priest and they have more insta cast. If talented, PW:S for all purposes has no CD other than GCD.

But to answer the question, as much as I get beat on in BGs, I'll only need 1 point to generate my 1HP every 8 seconds. I just hope I live long enough to use it.

What's frustrating is this nerf is in direct response to DPS complaining about how hard holy pallies were to kill. However, when I've been up against good opponents I've seen myself controlled completely and never making use of my healing. Sure, warriors kind of tickle me, but I fear good druids (one that nows how to chain and time pounce, to maim, to skull bash). I just hate that blizzard slants stuff to the multitudes of retarded DPS out there that have no idea how to use CC, stuns, silences in an effective chained manner. Yes, require them to hit more than three buttons.

I've currently been loving the state of BGs (both as a healer and DPS) with the strength of healers. Now we get protracted battles that can go on for minutes instead of seconds. DPS stays alive because of the healers who are busying avoiding the opposing DPS. Sure, blizzard said that'll be the norm with larger HP pools and I'll reserve judgement to that.

But now that I'm completely off topic...I'll stop
It's a fantastic talent, but like Kozuki said, there really is no point in having 2/2 on this talent. The only problem I have with it now is the 8 second cooldown. That really is a bit much of the nerf bat, especially on a talent that is incredibly high up in tier ladder.

Perhaps changing the cooldown to 4-5 seconds instead of 8 would make it more reasonable for a talent of its tier. But then again, I don't know if the whole tier argument really works in this case. After all, our final skill, light of dawn, in the holy tree is a joke. Though that's a whole different topic there...

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