Worth it to make an enhance set?

I haven't been active since early WotLK. I'm looking to play my Shaman again but I definitely need a change of pace. I was wondering if it's worth it to farm herocis for an enhance set for cata? Or Am I better of just rerolling a new class for melee DPS? After the Shattering tomorrow leveling an alt doesn't sound too painful but I really do like my Shaman.

What do you guys think?
we only have 2 weeks till cata i think at this point. I wouldnt get a new set at this point but i love enhance. Theres just not enough time to do anything with it once u get it imo
if you like enahnce shammy dont re roll and dont farm gear just save ur points at this point. If you dont like enhance shammys then re roll
If the Shattering is tomorrow, does that mean Justice Points no longer exist (i.e. turned to gold) or is that in Cata? Trying to see if I should buy my enh gear with them now or wait.
Justice Points Roll Over into Cataclysm so I wouldn't recommend getting a set using JP since you are going to replace it very quickly in Cataclysm

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