Paladin's and Spirit

Hello fellow paladins!

I'm creating this thread because im getting back to WoW for cataclysm and i see a lot of changes in our mechanics!One of them being spirit being the main mana regeneration stats.
Since we used to hate this atribute before the sundering,how good is Spirit for us now?I see some plate with it in cata database but i see some o' them with no spirit!So i was wondering at how good it is and if i should avoid certains amounts of it or not.

Anyone care to post their opinion?Perhaps someone that has been in the Beta too!That would be really appreciated!
int is the prime stat
sp doesn't much exist outside of weapons

spirit is pretty much the best secondary. . . come cataclysm.

at 80 haste is still king
The stat priority right now is:
Int>Spirit>Haste --- much lower on the priority ---> Crit/Mastery.

I break it down here:

The simple answer is, you want as much spirit as possible right after intellect.

The long answer is, no, not really. You want just enough spirit to avoid going OOM. As of now, unless you're pulling LK, you really don't need spirit at all, because you won't OOM on 5 minute fights. You WILL OOM on 15 minute fights. Yay for gobs of starting mana!
I would defenetly agree/stick to the thread above. INT > Spirit > HASTE(1sec FoL, 1065 with out raid buffs) > Crit/Mastery(as of now, future/high end gear will change this). Gem straight INT, reforge all your crit to Spirit, Dual Solaces will be good untill u get some new epic trinkets, one of them is like a double solace on its own. Obey some mp5 rules like the 5 secs rule, don't always skip healing for 5 seconds but try to anticipate low damage phases and actually go and melee the boss, infect meleeing the boss is an awesome way to get mana back all the time. But overall Spirit is great, i get anything that i can with spirit, enchants and gear, it might not show up on recount that you get a lot of mana return, Recount doesn't count spirit regen for some reason.

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