okay so for a new pally i have an inquiry

my guild and i are screwing around and everyone says prot pally should go Str/Stam but we were screwing around with Int/Stam and wouldnt the increased spell damage from int (not to mention much needed extra mana for consecration holding agro) i took off most of my strength gear and was hitting the same damage and putting on an int/stam belt seemed to increase my damage and im still wearing it so my question aswell as my guild's i suppose is this.

What stat truely determines the damage of Avengers Shield, Holy Wrath, Consecration, ect ect ect and not just melee swings
yes this is a serious question
strength gives you SP in addition to AP

if you're spaming judgement you shouldn't have mana issues

you don't need to spam consecration
kk but what we were figuring i suppose i worded it wrongly does attack power or spell power determine the damage of attacks because strength is attack power and int is spell power i seem to be hitting more damage with spell power i understand the upside of strength its just a little test on the damage side purely dps related not str or end stats
most of your abilities scale with both

you can check all the details at wowhead.com
hit > expertise > strength > int > ap > sp

which means gear with multiple of those stats is great

(gorilla gear)

fyi: don't bother stacking up stam until level 79 or so
therefore capping +hit and +exp are the greatest threat gain before stacking +str or AP

relevance to a level 37 character: zero.

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