Paladin PvP Leveling - Cake or Death?

You're rolling with a holy paladin friend and wondering whether you should go with another paladin or a warrior?


Easiest question ever. Go warrior. Spec arms. Never look back.

More or less looking for the "why?" here.
Because arms warriors are killing machines and progress to unstoppable agents of slaughter with a healer backing them up, especially a raw throughput based healer like holy paladins.

The early levels (i.e. 10-19) will be fairly rough, neither of you will have many abilities to rely on, but, well... unless you're a rogue or a hunter, 10-19 has always been a very tough bracket.
By 20-29, you'll have Overpower and Hamstring and will start putting out massive amounts of damage very easily.
By 30-39 you'll have an interrupt, your pally will have cleanse, and so on.

The lowbie levels have always been jank, but suffice to say you bring way, way more to the table as a warrior than a paladin ever could in a DPS role.

By the 50s bracket you'll have intercept, in combat charge, Berserker Rage, etc. You will roll over everything in your path without even really trying.
agree w/ Arkenheart.
I'm planning on rolling a new character after tomorrow's patch strictly through PvP with a buddy of mine who will be a holy paladin,

Warriors with a pocket healer are pretty beast.
*So my choice is "Or Death"?

- Well, I'll have the chicken then please.

* Tastes of human, sir... Would you like a white wine?

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