<Regimus Nox Noctis> Open Recruitment for Cat

<Regimus Nox Noctis> is currently looking to expand our raid core for Cataclysm.

While we may have a spot available occasionally during the remainder of the current expansion, our primary recruitment focus is for Cataclysm. We want 2 SOLID and INDEPENDENT 10 man raid teams in the new expansion. We are looking for equally skilled players for both teams; we have no interest in having an “A” team who flashes through content with no problem and a “B” team who can’t. We want EQUAL TEAMS with EQUALLY SKILLED AND CAPEABLE PLAYERS!

Current needs are:
Tanking classes – DK and Warrior are highest need.
Melee DPS classes – Paladin, Rogue and Druid are highest need.
Ranged DPS Classes – Druid, Mage, Warlock and Shaman are highest need.
Healing Classes – Paladin and Priest are highest need.
Duel specing in different areas, i.e. healing/dps, tank/healing or tank/dps, is a plus.

<RNN> was formed in December 2008 and has a strong core of players that have been together for the majority of the past two years. We are looking for new members to expand our “family” and to build a stronger core for the new expansion. We want players who are looking for a “home” to progress with and compete with.

We are looking for players who want to level quickly when Cataclysm launches and get into raiding within a month of release. We want players who are looking for a TEAM, not a casual group; players who want to start the new expansion with a new team and complete the expansion with that same team. "Turnover" is rare in our guild and we like it that way.

Our raid teams will raid 2-3 nights per week, depending on difficulty and length of content, therefore we are only accepting players who will be able to commit 100% to such a raid schedule. We do our best to not raid Friday and Saturday night so all members have plenty of “family & friend” time. If you have school, work, family, play or any other prior commitments that will keep you from being able to keep a 2-3 night a week raiding schedule, please do not apply.

Our guild is comprised of mainly of individuals ranging in age from 25 to 40+ and we would like to keep the maturity level and age range close to where it currently is. While we do not decline applications based on age alone, we will look more closely at younger players to ensure that they fit with our group and can maintain an acceptable maturity level. "Maturity level", for anyone who has questions about that phrase or term, basically means we want to know that you will fit with the personality of our guild. Some examples of people who have not fit with us in the past are: Trade trolls, loot hogs, young children who cannot handle "adult" language or conversation, beggers, etc.

Family and friends are also welcome to apply as either raiding or social members.

For more information about our guild and to apply please visit www.regimusnoxnoctis.com or send an email to raiyyn.rnn@gmail.com.

NOTE: Please remember that raid schedules currently posted on our site are for the current expansion. Raid schedules will be changing for Cataclysm.

If you have any questions not answered here or on our website, or to check the status of your application, please feel free to contact any officer in game.


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