Leftover Combo Points

So, im sure most rogues have noticed, that you have access to your combo points for a few seconds even after a mob dies.

A search brought up nothing. Is this intended?
Yes, it's intended so that we can use recuperate or SnD after killing a mob. Helps to minimize downtime
This is probably my 2nd favorite change from 4.0.1 right after the axing of Hunger For Blood. It makes soloing a breeze.

Theoretically we'll also be able to use Misdirect to move CP from a corpse to a new target, which will be nice for bosses with adds.
It is a bad ass change. Much welcomed!
I'm pretty sure they mentioned this in the patch notes for 4.0.1

Also, I think at some point rogues are supposed to get some sort of way to be able to tell how many combo points they have even after a mob dies.

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