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01/15/2011 12:25 PMPosted by Atlus
Oh, right, a story. A story about..... a chicken. Named Reginald McThumpington Featherbottom the Fourth. Yep.
I'm a relative of Reginald.
I... What is this?! I don't even......

Y'all are so silly! <3
One hour until event time!
Thank you all for another great event!
WRA's Birthday Parade and Party today! WooooHooo!!! <3
Yay! The Accord gets to do the fireworks today for the parade/party! <3
Oh, oh, oh. I almost forgot! I've gotta start advertising my event, unless I wanna keep it guild only... hurr... decisionssssssss.
I like pork chops.
Wait, what are we talking about again?

Oh. Hiiiiii.
You guys are something else. /facepalm
Hey, look! My moonkin hatchling cake (The one with the santa hat on and is covered with "Snow") got an honorable mention in the dessert contest. Thanks to all my guildies who supported me.

To be more specific, it's this one!

And.. where mah pork chops, yo?
Epic bump for an epic guild? ;D
Lol, Tala!!!

Annnd.... Thanks Ela! <3
Ah... Time for a weekend full of events~
C'mon, girl!
Let's go get our nails done, before all the guys show up!

You wouldn't want to engage in quillboard genocide without beautiful nails, now would you?!
Rain check... >.>

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