Elysium (Horde) is recruiting for Cataclysm!

Elysium is currently recruiting quality players that enjoy the game and want to be part of a an established guild on this server.

With the xpac coming out shortly, now is the time to find a guild you want to level and raid with through level 85. Overall we are a raiding guild but with a nice balance of being serious and relaxed. Currently we are 11/12 icc25.

Raid Schedule (once xpac hits, this might be modified a bit):

Group1 - Tue, Wed, Thurs - main raid nights from 8:45 to Midnight server time (EST)

Group 2 - In addition, in Cata we will start a specific 10man group for Fri, Sat, Sun starting at 8pm server

Currently we are accepting quality raider applications from all classes and specs. This is the a good opportunity for raiders from smaller guilds or newer level 80s that might not have had the opportunity to be as geared as you normally would have to be to join us. We understand that with the xpac we all get a fresh start so we are not looking at gear score, but rather your raiding knowledge.

We use a reasonable EP/GP loot system for our runs. To keep things as even as possible we have a high decay amount.

Guild bank policy is community based.

All raiding flasks, food, as well as guild bank repairs for progression runs are provided for you by the guild. In addition, gems and enchants for raiding gear is provided. All members donate according to their professions to keep the bank stocked for all to share.


Being a good raider - knowing encounters ahead of time, not standing in crap, etc.

Being a nice person - we all pay money to play this game and we want to enjoy the company of others that are raiding with us.

You can pst Zivi or Mivi in game on the Ravenholdt US server as well if you have any questions.

Apply online - www.ravenholdt-elysium.com
my my this is an old post. i actually remember seeing this guild when my druid was horde.

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