[A]<Click> PST 25Man HC recruiting for Cata!

Guild Recruitment
<Click> is a brand new Alliance guild (doors opened on November 16th, 2010) on Draenor-PVE, founded on the belief that hard-mode raid encounters can be mastered with a dedicated team of adult raiders in a mature, laid back, and friendly atmosphere.

We don't play much, but when we do, we play to the absolute best of our abilities. We only have a 14 hour raid week, but we make those hours count. You are expected to be able to take constructive criticism. If you are defensive about everything and anything you might not be the right fit.

We're looking for just a few more people to fill out our roster. If you would like to get in on
the ground floor of a solid guild that is preparing now for the challenges of Cataclysm
HM raid encounters then read on.

As a member of Click you are expected to keep a competitive edge. Our target audience is players that have excellent situational awareness, do not complain when the wipes pile up, and who will go that extra mile to maximize their characters.

What we expect of you:

Knowledge: We're looking for players who stay up to date on not only all of their class changes and mechanics, but also the mechanics of raid encounters, other classes, and the game in general. Know the fights. Know how to min/max. Know how you should spec and gear for specific encounters. Know how to effectively play your offspec.

Dedication: Can you make our raid times? Are you prepared to give 100% into learning an encounter until we get it down or the raid is called? If your answer is no this isn't the guild for you. We do wipe, and it isn't always pretty, but we expect you to run back quickly and be ready to correct your mistakes.

Experience: If you don't have at least a little bit of hard mode experience, don't expect a warm reception. Ulduar or ToGC, something to show you've raided encounters above the normal level. Experience in pre-nerf Sunwell or Old Naxxramas is a big plus.

Skill: Impress us. Show that you can consistently top the meter. Show that you rarely make mistakes. Show us that you know how to min/max. Mediocre raiders are a dime a dozen. We're looking for the exceptional raiders.

Good Attitude: We don't want people who are just in this for the gear. We don't want people who only show up on loot nights. We don't want people who constantly *%**% and moan about X class or Y boss. We raid to down bosses, get achievements, and have fun.

A little about Click:

In return, we offer the same enthusiasm and a structure built for the long haul. We
recognize the effort that will be needed by ALL members to ensure a successful
Cataclysm guild, and we promise to match that effort! Specifically, we offer:

    Experienced leadership - all officers had 11/12 HM ICC25 experience (some even 12/12)
    before stepping back to develop Click

    The structure, transparent leadership, communication skills, organization and
    life-experience necessary to cultivate a healthy team

    A fun guild environment and leaders who know when to get serious

    Min/Max attitude. Every raid has every buff, all raiders min/max their spec/gear/gems/ and enchants.

    No BS, quick, public, direct, honest feedback on mistakes, performance, and decisions
    Replacement on retard play and attitude, we don't keep around the people that weigh you down.

    Very competent raid members, people who know how to play their class, not carrying dead weight.

    An understanding that RL happens, that you want the night off sometimes, and being relaxed about taking time off when really needed.

We look for people who love to raid. We look for people who want to be part of a core group that will succeed when everyone puts in 110%. Individuals who want to be part of a family that has fun while achieving the most challenging goals this game has to offer. We are the ideal destination for people who want to beat endgame content, and want to have the most fun they can while doing so.

Our officers have experience with:
1/1 H Ruby Sanctum
11/12 HM ICC 25 (Server First LK N!)
12/12 HM ICC 10
5/5 ToGC (Server First!)
14/14 – 9/9 Ulduar (Server First Algalon and Alone in the Dark!)
15/15 Naxx 25 (Immortal completed!)

Classes we want:
Open recruitment for all classes, in preparation for Cataclysm.

Raid times: (All times PST/Server)
Tuesday: 5:30-9:00
Wednesday: 5:30-9:00

Sunday: 5:30-9:00
Monday: 5:30-9:00

Be online early, raid invites typically go out 15 minutes prior to the raid starting.

How to Apply:

You can also speak with any officer in game, just stop over and ask for one! Our officers are as follows:


Thank you for your time.
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