[A]<Click> PST 25Man HC recruiting for Cata!

Guild Recruitment
You needed the moisterizer. He was gifting you.
what's christmas like?
Look at all this crap in my car, ugh. Oh wait, is that a reese’s pieces? Oh it is, AWESOME!
All our problems would be solved if we had the power of invisibity, time stopping, or even mind control.
kerberus is so wasted right now
No no no. It's properly 'I'MA FIRIN' MY STOMACH LAZOR!'
If I wore a green shirt, would I just be a disembodied head floating?
I think people are going to think we're some of the most fcked up people from this post...
you can see *through* things that are red and green...
we can always party on our own
we doing shots shots
when I get older they'll call me freedom

Did you just freaking use the cliche Bump method to bump this thread?

anvil god hungers...
mmmmm metal

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