<Future> | 2 days | H:12/12 H:Halion


About Future:

<Future>, plain and simple, believes in performance over seniority. Seniority means nothing to us when it comes to building our raid to down content, performance means all. We strive to create an environment where competition is king and each holds their own. Because of this we run a very trimmed roster, we stay as close to 25 raiders as possible. Future is also not a bunch of quiet nerds, we have tons of fun in vent and we'll joke about everything. Most people don't have the kind of fun during any raid that Future has every night. If this is something that attracts you, keep reading.


The application period lasts as long as you make it, there is no minimum or maximum time. Most of our recruitment process and information can be seen on our website. We are looking for talented, active, consistent, experienced, fun loving and motivated players with an edge in high end raiding.

In preparation for Cataclysm, recruitment is open for all classes and specs
ICC Progression: Bold means dead and ● Means hard mode (Multiple if applicable)
Future also downed all content in BC and all previous Wrath content.

25 Man: LM● | LD● | GS● | DS● | RF● | FG● | PP● | PC● | QL● | VD● | SG● | LK
10 Man: LM● | LD● | GS● | DS● | RF● | FG● | PP● | PC● | QL● | VD● | SG● | LK●
RS: Halion●

Raid Times (PST): Invites go out at 6:15PM
Our listed raid times are below, though on some nights we may ask our raiders to stay a little longer if we feel it will secure a progression kill. This is our set progression and farm raiding scheudle, meaning we will maintain this schedule in Cataclysm.

Wednesday: 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Thursday: 6:30pm – 10:30pm

If you have any questions feel free to message Bloobro or Rizzen in game. A lot of additional information can also be found on our website.


I posted . Sorry i could not post any UI because I wont be able to get back on till tomorrow. Still wanted to try to get up and running here.

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