can't complete, "Show me your papers"

Bug Report
I have completed this quest on 8 alli and 3 horde toons before my 23 shaman and 19 druid couldn't complete it. I've dropped the quest and redone it. no help. my level 26 shaman completed it after the problem arose. Went back to the other 2 toons. still not able to complete. The quest giver brings up completion window, but nothing hasppens when I push complete quest button. Help please.
From what I've read, some mods (specifically altoholic, potentially others) can create issues where you're unable to click the "complete quest" button. Try disabling Altoholic if you use it, or other mods and see if the problem persists for those toons (though you are technically supposed to attempt to reproduce a bug without addons before reporting it, but yeah, we don't).

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