[Bug] Unable to take Mage Portal

Bug Report
I create a mage portal for me and friend.

This time it was from ZG, to Stonard. I was able to take it, but my friend, was unable to. It said he was unable to use that item. Was in a raid (just after killing Tiger Boss)

This happened before, from Orgrimmar, to Dalaran. same thing. I was in a party that time
You have to let them take the portal first.
That is expected, really?
Wasn't like that yesterday. It's a new bug for today
it's been going longer than just yesterday. for a almost a week for me.

also noticed it on the Direbrew remote, so maybe any teleport related spells
I just had a mage friend drop a port while we were in moonglade. The moonkin and mage were able to port.

I was not able to port on my priest, nor on my other account on my lock (I had both running at the same time).
This bug is getting really annoying. It appears that who ever creates the portal (direbrew's remote, mage portal, etc.) has to be the last person through it, otherwise anyone left behind can't interact with it. However I did find out on my mage if I portal back to Dalaran before it goes away, people can use it again. It's a WEIRD bug.

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