Are we losing any pets, come Cata?

Just wondering if any currently tameable pet skins will no longer be obtainable when Cata rolls around.

Or, if any currently tameable pets will be getting re-skinned and made untameable, resulting in a unique pet for Cata hunters? (I've heard of this being the case for a rare named "Haarka the Ravenous", but there might be more).

Nope, all skins are stayin in the game.
All skins remain but some unqiue skins on rares have been given to normal spawns - Agara for example. Shango in Sholazar Basin is getting a tiny re skin and Shadowclaw in Darkshore as well... but only minor (I think their fangs will be larger lol.) But one sort of noticable skin change (not losing pet but losing it's look) is Rak'Shiri.
In cata he'll be white.

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