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Are the beings/heroes of Azeroth getting stronger? And how strong until they are able to really scrap with the stronger Titans? Are we close to the fight of Sargeras?

Another side question concerning power, Ronin, Jaina, Thrall and Med'an. Are they within bounds of lore, the most powerful? And if not who is?
I only use titans as a marker of power, being that they are almost supreme.
Are we close to the fight of Sargeras?

I don't expect that to happen until level 100.
Rhonin should be eaten by crocodiles
The thing is, power has a limit. A warrior can only be so strong, for example, or so fast. A mage can only learn so much - Jaina is powerful, for instance, because she has spent most of her life devoted to studying magic; something she really doesn't have time for now.

For immortals or semi-immortals, like dragons and elves, this isn't quite as true. While a night elf can still only become so strong or so fast - thus making their warriors or hunters just as limited as a human or orc - they have much greater spans of time to study, which makes their potential as magic-users much, much greater. But even then, there are limits to what nature can do, limits to what the elements can do, and limits to what magick can do.

In theory, the most powerful character would be Tyrande, who can call upon a literal god, who presumably has no such limits, but she is in turn limited by what power Elune is willing to grant her.

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