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Nice to see some familiar names.
Hey everyone! Hey Cass! I thought about you around my B-Day thinking if you were still doing this. It's great that they finally gave you a sticky! Over the years it's been a nice thing you've done for all of us even though a few wanted to ruin it early on you maintained the thread.

Keep up the great work! I haven't been back to Shattered Hand in a while. Blizz is giving us too much to do to be leveling too many alts. =) Maybe ole Ret will get the instant 90 on the new xpak. =)

Until then, Ta Ta for Now
April 1
May 7th-oooohhh yeeahh
march 6 Fluffíe horde
Dec 8th Agriassw Allaince
Cass are you still here? =)
Sept 5th, Hardek-Horde
Nov 16th, Feardread-ShatteredHand [Vindication Raid Lead]
February 9 Våsh-Shattered Hand Horde
may 16th (>;-;)>
a little bump

March 19th, Arthalos/Ðarknèss-Shattered Hand Horde
Also may16
Hucow - December 22.
Nicolle - October 1

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