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Emerald Dream
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Hi, and welcome to Emerald Dream!

I assume you're reading this to find out if our community is for you, and I hope this guide helps you out.

So, without much further adieu, let's get into it.

Emerald Dream is an RPPVP server. It's a central time-zone server, so our population is a variety of everything from east to west coast.

We're a very community minded server, and we look out for our own peoples.

Also, we have a lot of personality :).


Come join us in IRC!!
Using webchat:

Or using an IRC client:


/join #ed


Keep reading, you may learn something!

1. What's the RP like here?

It's a mixed bag, really. While it's not uncommon, you'll have better luck finding it if you look for it.

A good majority of the people that chose Emerald Dream understand and appreciate that it's an RP server, and will not hesitate to role play with you.

Which brings up another point - Don't be afraid to initiate!.

There are so many missed opportunities to role play simply because people are too afraid to initiate it.

Don't be. I've had RP sessions that lasted for hours after initiating on a whim. Had I decided not to, I wouldn't have had that experience.

For more information on ED role playing, check out the 'Emerald Dream Role Playing Guide' that's stickied here:

Also, for a list of upcoming Roleplaying events, check out this thread: (Not yet implemented)

2. What's the PVP like here?

Cutthroat. Brutal. Intense.

We've got more world PVP than Iraq.

We kill so many lowbies, we make Catholic churches cry.

Emerald Dream is an excellent realm if you're looking for good, solid PVP. Unfair fights, cheap tactics, and a third act carried out on the forums make for The Emerald Dream Experience (tm).

If you're only here for PVP, we just ask that you respect our Roleplayers and our server rules.

As with RP, Don't be afraid to initiate. You may have in-character reasons not to initiate PVP, and that's fine.

However, don't assume that the person you just helped out while 8 Death Spiders of Doom chewed on him isn't going to stab you in the back the second you're not looking.

If you see red - at the very least, prepare for a fight.

3. What's the PVE like here?

Slow, but steady progression.

You can check out our current PVE progression in the 'Emerald Dream PVE Progression' thread located here:

4. I've never roleplayed, but I'd like to learn. Can I come to ED?

Absolutely! Emerald Dream is happy to help new roleplayers. We were all beginners once, and we love to share our passion. Please come, roll a character, and find yourself a nice guild. We can't wait to meet you!

5. I am not a roleplayer, but I am a PvPer. Can I come to ED?

We would prefer that you don't. RP-PvP means both RP and PvP. If you are not a roleplayer, there are plenty of non-roleplaying PVP realms to choose from. . If you want to come here just to harass roleplayers, or because you think we're soft targets, then think again. Only roleplayers may play on a roleplaying server.

6. What's the Alliance to Horde ratio?

Before answering this question, I'd like to urge you not to let this be your deciding factor. Pick a race that you think you'll have fun with.

That being said, WarcraftRealms has a pretty accurate census that's dynamically updated based on the previous 30 days.

Current data - (Characters level 70) (Updated 19th November 2010)

Total Characters: 14,214

Total Alliance: 8,313 - 59%

Total Horde: 5,901 - 42%

A to H Ratio: 1.4 : 1

Activity Ratio: 1 : 1.2

7. What classes do you need?

Again, I urge you to choose something that fits for you and don't worry about what is needed.

Currently, tanks/healers are in short supply. Keep in mind, however, that if you hate a class right off the bat, chances are it's not going to change at 70, and you'll have wasted a lot of time playing a class you don't care about.

I assure you that no matter what class you choose, you will find your place on our realm.

8. What are you wearing?

Chaps and a smile.

9. I'm looking for a RP/PVP/PVE/Tram Cyb0rs guild. Where should I look?

We have a thread for you! Check it out at

(Original post was cut off - Continuation! )

10. Is this realm right for me?

That really depends on you. As long as you come to our realm with an open mind and willingness to have fun, you'll fit right in.

If you come in and think you're going to be changing things around - you're not only poorly mistaken, you're a poor candidate for our lovely little realm.

11. What professions should I take?

There are several guides available for professions that will help you choose. I suggest you take a look at the professions forum ( ) for more information.




Run and moderated by players, Emerald Drama has become incredibly active incredibly quickly. All are welcome.


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The last one was apparently just reported, not reported for sticky (It didn't get stickied, and it did get disappeared).

If you could report this one for sticky, it'd be appreciated.

~ Zeyad/Hanif
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It was already done when I reposted. I missed it on the one that got deleted (didn't realise how out of date it was), but this one has already been done.
Personally, I don't really care, provided you don't disrupt people that are RPing. I'd prefer everyone join in, but provided you respect the ruleset I'm happy.

I literally just copied the post from the other thread, updating info/threads as necessary.
We should indicate that, :) be a little more open to transfers :) as long as they contribute in a positive way and don't disrupt others.

No, we shouldn't.

That's like telling people on Blackrock that they should accept RP transfers with open arms, and not harass them. It's not going to happen.

We can't do anything about non-roleplayers who are already here, but there's absolutely no reason why we should actively invite more of them to the server. RP-PvP server for a reason. Yeah there's like 5 of them in total, and a bajillion normal pvp servers you can choose from if you don't rp.
can you please change the title to 11/20/10, makes much much more sense for this server or at least November 20th 2010
can you please change the title to 11/20/10, makes much much more sense for this server or at least November 20th 2010

Sorry, force of habit.

Australians will use Australian ways, but when in Rome...
Apples to oranges Rhooja, blackrock is one of, if not the top pvp servers in wow and very strict community. Emerald Dream is more open around all aspects, and majority of it's current community are centered in pvp or pve. I hardly ever see or hear anyone RP and don't know anyone who does. And I've been here for 4 years.

All the more reason that we should not openly invite non-roleplayers to further clog up our server. It's meant to be for Rp-Pvp, so it should be used for that.

It's hard to see or hear people RP when you hang out on the Orgrimmar bank, or in Dueltotar, I'll give you that, but it's far from dead.

RPPvP server. Deal with it.
Bump for +like, but the IRC info should be updated to the current channel info if you get a chance :)

Server -
Channel - #ed
Wow, I feel really bad missing that - I'm in there all the time, and I was thinking it was still #emeralddream.

At least I updated the irc server correctly...
can you please change the title to 11/20/10, makes much much more sense for this server or at least November 20th 2010

Sorry, force of habit.

Australians will use Australian ways, but when in Rome...

NP at all :) thank you for posting it up
can you please change the title to 11/20/10, makes much much more sense for this server or at least November 20th 2010

Sorry, force of habit.

Australians will use Australian ways, but when in Rome...


Also, at the subject on hand. "I DON'T RP! BUT I DON'T BOTHER THE RPERS!" - I know I might have a lot of friends who share this mentality but it still hurts an RP server a lot. People see others not RPing and just assume that nobody RP's and that they can just be here acting like it's a PvP server. This effectively kills the community over time.

I don't RP as much as I used to, though with the upcoming goblin stuff.. mmmm.

If we can at all control who comes to our server by turning away non-RPers, we can at least salvage what little of the RP community we have left and hopefully rebuild it to a somewhat respectable state.

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