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Wyrmrest Accord
"My brother and sister trolls, the world is a deadly place. Old threats still seek to destroy us and new ones are coming. Our seers have seen a world turned to fire, and challenges greater than any yet faced. Strength is needed to protect ourselves. The Horde gives us some of this strength and it would be dishonorable to turn our backs on our brothers-in-war who had served beside us. Still, strength should not be gained by forgetting who we are. We are not Orcs nor Tauren, but Trolls. We cannot forget this. However, we do not seek to return to the descent into madness that the Hakkari and Drakkari now walk. There is a balance to found to be where the Loa and our ways are not forgotten, and yet we may change enough to survive the coming trials. We seek this balance and welcome any of our blood that wish to as well. We are the Jang’ai Zandali, 'those that protect the troll ways'."

((<Jang ai Zandali> is a heavy role-play, troll-only guild based on remembering and preserving the ways of Loa-worship and the rituals and traditions of the troll people. However, we also support Vol’jin and the Horde and consider them our allies and brothers. We focus on enemies outside the Horde, not within. We have story lines and role-play events. We have a tabard, forum, and bank-tabs. If you are interested in joining, please contact myself in game or head to our forum, found here (and in my signature): http://jangai-zandali.forumotion.com/index.htm. ))
Who Are We?
<Jang ai Zandali> or Jang'ai Zandali is a heavy role-playing troll-only guild.

We are based around heavy role-play, immersion into troll culture, and having plenty of interaction to get involved with, mixed with some PvE and PvP for fun. We have role-play events and in-character raids, as working to involve ourselves with other guilds.

Role-play wise, the Jang'ai Zandali is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the troll people and their ways, while still being strong, accepting members of the Horde. We respect Vol'jin and Thrall. We encourage our aggressions to be focused at true enemies and not the Horde.

Who Do We Accept?
We are accepting Trolls only. Level 15+ for normal class, 60+ for Death Knights

If you wish to talk with us, you may contact Jinzakk (GL), Shandâli (officer) or Trejani (officer).
I role-played with these guys last night in Nagrand. They're a fun group.
Bazza is an interesting guy too. Thanks for the support:).
Just a small bump!
Just a small bump for the patch!

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