Cool Druid Idea

Ika, would you like to be my personal translator for when I forum-rage on fools?

I pay 2 waffles per post with a quarterly pancake bonus.

If you include 2 sunny-side up eggs and a rasher of bacon, you've got a deal.

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Edit: sign, linkies no worky

... WTF hell no. Won't happen, and good riddance. You do NOT make 3 specs under 1 tree. Not to mention Bear dps is just a bad idea.
I think you are receiving a lot of criticism by the fact that you called the idea "cool" on the thread name.

Never do that.

I dislike the idea too, to be honest. It feels quite out of place. I shouldn't say anything though, since I used to be a panzerkin. But the fact is, and GC said that a couple of times, that they frown and do take action if someone cames up with a rogue spec to turn them into ranged dps. It's not how the class is supposed to be.

By that time, with such boost on armor that moonkins got, I actually enjoyed tanking with it. :D But (sob) it represented something that was breaking the spec design, so they changed it. Panzerkins are dead forever now.

It's just how things work. If they take rerolling actions when people create things out of place, I seriously doubt your suggestion would ever take place. Bear druids are designed to tank. If you manage to heal or dps with it, they will work to put the spec back on track.

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