Changes to DKs and what I should do...

Death Knight
Two questions for those that have spent some time on their DKs. I am just coming back to mine, and with all of the changes, I am not sure:

I am a Frost specced 2H DK, btw.

(1) Should I be using Frost Presence or Unholy in pvp?

(2) Should I try to have both Frost Fever and Blood Plague on my targets, or should I just worry about FF?

Thanks in advance!
Either or in PVP. If you need to move fast unholy presence, for burst frost presence and if you are getting hammered blood presence (changing presence no longer requires runes). I wouldn't waste a rune and global cooldown on a plague strike in pvp just apply your FF with howling blast and then nuke away with obliterate and frost strike.

In PVE you should dps in unholy presence in 2 hand frost spec and you will be applying both frost fever and blood plague.
hrm i dont agree with the above poster at all, for pvp uh presence 99% of the time unless your getting nuked, then you would go blood and blow your defensive cds, there is 0 reason to ever use frost presence for pvp. Also with how fast your attacks are i cant think of a single reason to not apply blood plague via plague strike, plague strike hits like a truck and no reason you should'nt use every rune available to pump out damage.

for pve, uh for single target, frost for aoe, its that simple,

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