[A] Merchants of Azeroth is recruiting!

Moon Guard
The economy is perfect for creating a business, many are trying to take advantage of it, one of these groups are called Merchants of Azeroth.

On the outside, they appear to be a normal group of merchants, but truthfully, they have thieves to get money to fund their business or valuable items that are difficult to get honestly, which means that they easily get some items.

Not all of this group is dishonest though, they have everything else you'd expect, travelling merchants, guards, people who run the ships for taking items across the seas, explorers to find other places to set up businesses or find places to get a specific item, and people who gather the items. There may be other opportunities to find in this group as time goes on, also.

((We are a medium roleplaying thief/merchant guild. Currently in the charter stage due to me trying to get a good guild ad for the guild recruitment channel that has some roleplaying elements in it and not require multiple macros.

I listed the opportunities in the roleplaying part: thief, merchant, explorer, shipman, travelling merchant, guard, and gatherer. Hope to see you in the guild!))

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