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I have recently seen / heard of an addon that can skin (change the appearance of) addons, and in this specific situation, Deadly Boss Mods. This is an addon that stands outside of DBM but has the capabilities to completely change how the timer bars look and how the icons look, their scale, color, font, etc...

Does anyone have a clue as to what the name of this mystery addon is? I would ask the person who used it last but alas, he's off for the weekend....
I doubt that it's an addon. DBM already has massive amounts of controls on how to can make the bars look and display.
I would naturally think that to be the case -- but I was distinctly told that it was an addon that did the skinning to DBM.

Now only if I had grabbed the name of it....
Skinner can probably do this. I know it has a DBM skin file included.
There's several patches for DBM to alter its' appearance, such as:


Strictly speaking though, they're not "addons". They're actually altered versions of DBM files that you copy over the existing ones.
Or you can use RaidWatch 2


DBM is a garbage boss mod now.

Oh no doubt. I was just wanting to know what addon had the capabilities of skinning other addons. DBM was the example I was given and I liked the effect that this "addon" had toward DBM. Come this Monday I'll have to ask the guy what it was specifically.

I don't personally use DBM. I use Deus Vox Encounters (DXE), instead. A lot better. I've never heard of RW2, but I'm sure it's better than DBM. Just about anything is better than DBM these days.

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