Tranquillien rep missing..

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So I leveled this character as horde awhile ago, and did level in the BE area and got exalted rep with Tranquillien, after moving to alliance and then coming back to horde my rep is gone and no quest's available out there. So i did put a couple tickets in and got no help what so ever from any GM, basically all they said was "it's a bug with current patch" and the rep can't be restored.

So i come here, with a tidbit off your website in the faction change part.

Some reputations do not have an opposite-faction equivalent, and thus will not be included in a faction change. However, they will be restored at their previous levels if the character ever transfers back to their original faction.

Please fix this.
This is a situation that would best be handled by our Game Masters, Trexzy. You'll want to submit an in-game petition or send an e-mail to for assistance with this issue.

I'm afraid that, as a Support Forum Agent, I'm unable to directly assist in this case. =>.<=

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