[Bug]Multi-passenger mounts & magic rooster.

Bug Report
Encountered a crazy fun bug.

If you are on a mechano-hog, traveller's tundra, or grand ice mammoth and you mount the magic rooster, people can still hop in.. and it looks crazy.

I'm sure the same happens with the grand black mammoth & the alliance version of the mechano-hog (couldn't test either), but it does NOT happen (at least not in Azeroth) in the X-53 rocket.

It looks ridiculously silly. The player sits underneath your mount (or whatever animation they would have on your multi-passenger mount occurs underneath your mount - absolutely ridiculous with costumes that make you stand in multi-passenger mounts - like ogre, arokkoa, or frenzyheart).

Anyways, encountered this today, just thought I'd document it somewhere. (No sense ticketing a GM and making people's wait times longer.)
I saw someone doing this with a nether drake in Orgrimmar... No idea how he managed that.

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