If someone has the time please..

Look at my character and give me some advice as to What in the east jesus I should do?

I haven't played this game since this past June and ..well needless to say..I have no idea where to start with gearing assessing etc.

So please if ya got the time I'd like to know?

How much Mastery do i need? And what should I give up?

Gems..just anything different?

and anything else that after looking at my character needs doing.

Don't reforge into mastery.
Reforge as much hit as you can into haste without getting below 17% (before cata)
Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Word Death if you'll be raiding.

Other than that, given that Cata will be hitting us in about two weeks, you may not need so much hit. realistically, you'll have enough to play with while also reforging for other things.

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