History of Stormreaver, as told from day one.

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Need some updated history with the gems like <Is a Pirate Ninja>, <Duality>, <Ghost Division>, <Purple Squirrel Brigade>.
<Eboahs Bakery>

best pvp guild SR ever had

lol I was in Mad Company Loky. What a noob I was. Wonder where good ole Symbtrice is these days.

I was in <FOW>, and i think <Dread> when AQ was new, but they ended up transferring shortly after and then after that it was <Bloodthirst> for a time. But my first guild was <Miratos> or <Miratos Phoenix Order> wayyyy back in the day. Under 10 guilds in going on 7 years, not as many as i thought after this much time.

Just surprised someone still remembers me along with all the old timer guilds of Stormreaver.
11/23/2010 03:17 AMPosted by Veztek
Someone should add to it. I want the story of Riggins vs. Impervious to live


I laughed a little... While the rants were sometimes epic, this wasn't actually Riggins vs. Impervious, this was in Forlorn Legacy vent during LK Progression if I recall.
mistys big brown beaver
Bump for Dio The QTPI
10/14/2011 11:16 PMPosted by Gralon
Bump for Dio The QTPI

Dio aint no qtπ

also, good necro is good.
eboah's bakery 4 life
Am I the only one who read absolutely nothing after the first paragraph?
Blizzard sure as hell isn't, that's for sure. Flying mounts and being able to "queue in" to dungeons sort of kill any hope there is of any sort of xfaction pvp/drama. Nowdays it's all !@#$-talking about who can gank who harder in the no-fly zones and 2k arena players bashing on everyone else, regardless of faction, for being bad.
Hello thread
You left out all of the xtreme team shenanigans, which for some reason keeps getting deleted from the wiki page.
this thread completely fell off topic!
bump that solider boye
Lol this thread still exist. The Good ole days, when world pvp was everywhere.

Any Pvpers still here? Message me in game, looking for exp arena players for arena / rbgs.

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