Gathering skill buff rank error

Bug Report
There was a time when there were no level limits on gathering skills. At 19, I have 450 skinning for example. That gives me rank 6 of Master of Anatomy.

The devs then nerfed it (3.1.1) and put level limits on the skills Rank 3 = level 10, rank 4 = 25, rank 5 = 55, rank 6 = 55.

They grandfathered your gathering skill level but put level limits on the buff it gave you. Rank 6 gives +32 crit, rank 3 (which is what I should have) is +9 crit.

My problem is they have never fixed it to where those grandfathered people have their buff ranks corrected. Right now, I have rank 6 Lifeblood and Master of Anatomy but it says level limit 55 so I get no buff at all.

I petitioned and the guide or whoever it was said they have no ability to do anything and I had to post here to get it fixed.

I do not want to have to remove my tradeskill, relevel and then lose my skill level which was not easy to accomplish (this was before you could turn experience off).

As you probably have figured out, I am not a leveling toon but a pvp twink.
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