Reputation Achievements

Many Achievements have reputations associated with them, some of them harder to get than others. These include Raid reputations, Dungeon reputations, and associated ones out in the World (such as Timbermaw). There are meta achievements associated with some of them, such as Ambassador or Guardian of Cenarius. Some reputations are easy to get, just slip a tabard on and do dungeons; others require a combination of dungeon runs, turn ins, and special item gathering, such as the Argent Dawn; while others are down-right grindy, raised only through a subset of dailies, like Oracles.

Currently, many reputations that get achievements fall along side some that do not, such as the Thorium Brotherhood (turn ins with a few, non-repeatable quests being the only way to raise it).

So I am curious what anyone out there considers reputations worthy of an achievement due to the effort put into it?
Thorium Brotherhood should be tacked onto Insane... it's really a gold sink/dungeon grind similar to Shend, plus, as you said, it has nothing tagged to it already.
I wouldn't really compare it to Shen'dralar at all. While yes, it can be bought, the drops are a lot more common for thorium brotherhood.

I do support an achievement for Thorium though.
Honestly, I didn't find Thorium that bad. I could not imagine doing Shen'dralar without a stop at the local asylum.

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