Tripping the Rifts - clarification needed.

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Hello there! I have a question about Tripping the Rifts. I've been attempting this achievement/Feat of Strength on several characters, but the elementals spawned in the cities are not seeming to count toward this achievement.

To get the achievement - must you land the killing blow on the elemental, or just participate in killing it? On my Shaman and Death Knight, I've participated in killing all the elemental types, both solo and in a raid group. I still do not have the feat of strength. I'm pretty sure I have landed killing blows on each type, with my Shaman, but still nothing.
It isn't the elementals so much as the buff you get for closing the rifts.

You must get the buff that is giving when the rift collapses. How one gets the buff exactly I am unsure of. I have noticed on occasion that even killing the rifts solo for rifts not in IF or SW I sometimes do not get the buff. You can get the buff, however, from any level rift. Just hunt them around the world and you will get the achievement...eventually.
Yeah, I got it on my Hunter from solo-hunting the world spawn rifts. I guess I'll have to actually join the IF raid now, like I did for the SW one. :/
when the rift closes it lets off an AOE buff effect. you must be in that range to get it.

what the range is i dunno. best thing you can do is keep an eye on the rift health, /focus it. and once it gets to 3 or so run in close.

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