RS25 and ICC25 GDKP 27th November @5pm

Bleeding Hollow
As with the Ulduar, I have taken up leading a few of Aestu's PUGs to maintain his ever fragile sanity <3

The RS starts at 5, runs until about 5:45; though it can run shorter depending on if we need to clear trash or not. Halion is generally 2 shot as either Aestu or myself invariably d/c's on the first pull. Loot is, of course, GDKP'd off - the average pot is around 700g.

We then break for 15-20 minutes, and I will start forming the ICC25. Shadowfrost Shards are on reserve, everything else is open to bidding. We go 11/12 with several heroics, including a token boss.

Send mail in game (again, do not PST, you will just annoy me) if interested. There's been pretty high demand for the ICC25, so if you receive a calendar invite and don't get into the actual run - my apologizes.

I am also looking to start a second run for a few alts of friends, and if interest is high enough, it will get started. Soon(tm).
his ever fragile sanity <3

Never talking to you again.

the texts on my cell phone say otherwise :o

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